The need for on-site security is very important in and around construction site regardless of the size of the job. Access control is a construction supervisor’s main concern while the crew is not present. Property Security Services, Inc offers you up to 24 hours, 7 days week security coverage at a low cost per hour rate. Along with providing trained and uniformed security personnel, Property Security Services, Inc provides an assortment of full-service security programs.

Our guards utilize visitor and vendor login sheets to record all access to the construction site.
Access is denied without proper authority and no equipment or material is released without proper permission from the construction supervisor.

Every construction site has valuable equipment’s and materials, which tempt the experienced and amateur criminal alike. Trained security officers are the best and most professional work force to utilize in these cases.

We offer the following services to construction sites

  • Access Control (Login & Logout
  • Visitors, Vendors And Equipment)
  • Patrol The Construction Site In
  • Random Intervals
  • Prevent Graffiti
  • Protect From Unauthorized Visits
  • Evict Solicitors And Loiters
  • Control Homeless In And Around The
  • Construction Site
    Report Any Unusual Conditions To Construction Supervisor
    Write Daily Activity Report

Property Security Services, Inc provides our clients the most excellent security service so they can focus time and energy on their business. Our primary goal is to ensure that your establishment is safeguarded.

During off-peak hours

  • The security guard will arrive at your facility prior to closing.
  • If a vehicle is required, the security guards vehicle will have a strobe light on the roof. In addition, a plaque will be displayed on both sides of the vehicle marked security.
  • The security specialist will roam (via vehicle or foot patrol) the area, where the trailers and equipment are parked looking for any suspicious activities.
  • The specialist will roam the area in random intervals at a minimum of two to three times an hour. If in fact there is any devious commotion, the guard will call 911 immediately, followed by your designee and then to his immediate supervisor.
  • The security guard will keep a log on times he roamed the facility in addition to any relevant information. Any employee who enters the facility on off peak hours will be logged in and out. The employee will need to have their employee badge with them and provide a reason for entering the facility. If the employee does not have his/her id badge, they will not be allowed to enter the facility without permission from your designee.

During peak hours

The security specialist will

  • Ensure good communications with the construction supervisor and confirm communications frequently.
  • Ensure all paperwork is neat and orderly.
  • Meet with the construction supervisor daily to discuss any security issues.
  • Perform access control into the construction site.
  • Maintain a visitor log, vendor log and any other logs required by the construction supervisor.
  • Any other security responsibilities required by the construction supervisor.

Our management will review and revise existing post orders, subject to your review, or create post orders where there are none, and review them with you to ensure that they accurately reflect your instructions. Daily activity reports will be maintained at your site and will be distributed accordingly per your instructions. Incident reports will be filled out and distributed in a manner and procedure you designate. We will use forms developed at your facility or provide them where there are none. All personnel will use their best efforts to observe and report any physical facility problems they observe such as damages, breakage, plumbing problems, and other reportable occurrences immediately in a manner or procedure that you designate.

Stationary Standing Guard Services

All personnel will use their best efforts to observe and report any physical facility problems they observe such as damages, breakage, plumbing problems, and other reportable occurrences immediately in a manner or procedure that you designate. Property Security Services, Inc proposes to provide a Uniformed Private Unarmed Security Officer during the hours required. Security officer will be responsible for monitoring the jobsite, patrolling, maintain necessary paper work, signing after-hour workers out of the property and roving within the facility periodically.

Trailer Guard Services

Property Security Services, Inc is the security industry’s leader in security of construction sites. Innovative, specialized technology and equipment enables our officers to efficiently oversee large areas from a single command post. Property Security Services, Inc offers On-site trailer packages with officer who patrols the grounds when your employees leave for the day. These officers observe and report any site disturbances by documenting them on daily reports. Property Security Services, Inc proposes to provide a portable security headquarters (trailer) set up on construction site; where the Security Officer can monitor the electronically controlled alarm system. Now you can secure your commercial or residential construction site twenty-four hours a day, every day, with a customized security package designed to your exact specifications.
We will supply and install a perimeter alarm system customized to the needs of your site. We will provide cell phones, warning signs, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and such other tools and/or equipment required to monitor activity on your site. Our security officer will spend time to patrol and then to monitor the site & write Daily Activity Reports.

Property Security Services, Inc has taken an unprecedented stance in its trailer package by providing a superior level of accountability on job sites by equipping all trailers with innovative, highly sensitive alarm panels. These specially engineered panels are linked wired or wirelessly to strategically placed smart sensors around “hot zones” and other client-specified locations on the site. When an alarm is triggered, the trailer officer is alerted by the Command Center and is dispatched to investigate the disturbance. By adding this extra level of security, the communication gap between the trailer officer, the client, and Property Security Services is closed. The combination of the physical deterrence of a security officer along with technological vigilance Property Security Services, Inc to provide an integrated solution.

  • Each security officer is provided with a telephone or radio and shall make random foot or car patrols around the job site.
  • An electronically controlled alarm system consisting of alarm control panel and infrared sensor eyes strategically located around the perimeter of the job site.
  • A portable security headquarters (trailer), where the security officer can monitor the electronically controlled alarm system.
  • Lighting to cover the security trailers at the job site.
  • Sufficient warning signs to be posted around the perimeter fence of the job site.
  • Certificates of general liability, workmen’s compensation and automobile insurance.

Once you choose Property Security Services, Inc as your security provider, you will find highly trained and motivated service staff, which will provide you with the highest quality security service on a consistent basis! We do a great deal of work for construction sites and would be happy to provide you with references if desired.

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