Property Security Services, Inc recognizes the importance for our business clients to limit shrinkage and implement loss prevention techniques. Our uniformed security specialists are trained to the highest standard in the industry. The presence of our specialists act as a deterrent for criminal behavior in areas that are prone to shoplifting and other crimes against establishment owners, employees, and patrons. Each security specialist provides daily activity reports, which are compiled into an individualized site report that is distributed on a daily or monthly basis. To ensure that our clients receive uncompromised service, our management team often conducts facility “spot checks” of our client sites to ensure that our specialists are acting in a manner in line with our mission.

Property Security Services, Inc  will review and revise existing post orders, subject to your review, or create post orders where there are none, and review them with you to ensure that they accurately reflect your instructions. Daily Activity Reports (DAR’s) will be maintained at your site and will be distributed accordingly per your instructions. Incident Reports (IR’s) will be filled out and distributed in a manner and procedure you designate. Property Security Services, Inc. will use forms developed at your facility or provide them where there are none.

All personnel will use their best efforts to observe and report any physical facility problems they observe such as damages, breakage, plumbing problems, and other reportable occurrences immediately in a manner or procedure that you designate.

When you hire Property Security Services, Inc to protect your assets, we will take great pride to provide fully qualified armed/unarmed or semi-armed Security Officer to cover the jobsite.  Each security officer is provided with a telephone or radio and shall make random patrols around the jobsite. Security Officer(s) shall perform their duties in an efficient, conscientious manner, and shall be courteous and helpful to all persons on each client’s property. Security Officer(s) shall be responsible for continually patrolling the exterior and interior of the property. Security Officer(s) are intended to serve as a visual and physical deterrent to crime at client’s property and to respond to calls for assistance, and are to call for Police or other emergency response as circumstances warrant. Security Officers are intended to be the eyes and ears of  our clients, and ambassadors of goodwill to all residents.

Our employees are hired for their experience and commitment to customer service. From our officers, supervisors, monitoring technicians and technical support to management team and quality control staff, we believe that safety and security are necessary in every business environment and assure we will maintain the standards we promise each customer. Together we can determine the most dependable, progressive and cost effective security solutions to meet your specific needs.