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Property Security inc Solutions specializes in on-site construction security. We serve the construction industry including property owners, real estate developers, building contractors and trade subcontractors. When you hire Property Security inc Solutions to protect your construction site or abandon property, we provide complete care solution with trained security officer with the tools & support at much lower cost than our competitors.

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[block_title title=”We Offer The Following Services To Construction Sites”][/block_title]
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   Access Control (Login & Logout Visitors)

   Patrol The Construction Site In Random Intervals

   Prevent Graffiti

   24 Hour Field Supervision & 24 Hour Dispatch

   Foot Patrols & More

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   Protect From Unauthorized Visits

   Evict Solicitors And Loiters

   Control Homeless In And Around The Construction Site

   Alarm Response

   Incident Report

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   Write Daily Activity Report

   Trailer Guard with Trailer Setup On Site

   Night Watchmens

   Security Trailer on Job 24/7 – 365

   Crime Report


Property Security inc is the leader in providing security solutions to all clients in the construction industry, with over 26 years of experience in the security industry we understand what our clients expectations are to ensure that our clients receive uncompromised services, we offer a customized security package designed to your exact specifications. With the rising cost of metals, construction sites are becoming targets for theft. Our construction security officers are a great visible deterrent for site theft and vandalism. The main objection of our security officers is to reduce the risk of vandalism and theft from the work site.

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  • Trailer Guard with trailer Setup on site
  • Security trailer on job 24/7 -365
  • Alarm response
  • Crime report
  • Daily activity report
  • Incident report
  • On-site guard
  • 24 hour field supervision 24 hour Dispatch
  • Foot patrols More Click here for more Details
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While consistently expanding our services, Property Security Inc Solutions continues to offer reliable, professional security officer in the industry. Ourexpansion Throughout California demonstrates our desire to continue providing high quality, effective and affordable security solutions.

Security on a project can be managed by placing infrared sensors around the perimeter of the site, large warning sighs as well as highly visiblesecurity trailer with Guard Patrolling around property or simply as placing stationary guard during off work hours. Property Security Inc Solutions guardwill stand post when your workers leave in the afternoon and we will be there when they are back on site in the morning! This type of “watch” isthe best deterrent for thefts. Save both time & money when you use our services.

Our guards will lock doors/gates, take lighting reports, patrol signed site on foot or in security vehicle, check for irregularities and inspect installed devices, fire control equipment, unlocked doors, blocked entrances and exits, mechanical problems, check for unsafe conditions, hazards, security violations, vandalism and trespassing.

The need for on-site security is especially important in and around construction sites regardless of the size of the job. Access control is a construction supervisor’s main concern while the crew is not present.

Property Security Inc Solutions offers you up to 24 hours, 7 days a week security coverage. Along with providing trained and uniformed security personnel, Property Security Inc Solutions provides an assortment of full-service security programs.

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